sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

On TV and literature

Some days ago, someone suggested me that I should watch the new British TV series called "Sherlock". He actually commanded me to watch it, I must say. Apparently it was good material, as in "I was watching it and paused it just to come and tell you, you should watch it" good. 

As he insisted, I downloaded the three 90 minutes long episodes and watched them later on. And then I understood. I was instantly captivated by it.

It's an excellent product, from the cast to the set, the lightning, the 21st century treatment of Conan Doyle's character (there are mobile phones, texting and laptops involved) and every single bit of it. And it's London, for Christ's sake!

I especially loved Benedict Cumberbatch in the leading role of Sherlock Holmes, which at the very beginning might look a bit creepy (cat eyes, white skin, black hair) but then you grow to even love him. He's YUMMY in his own way. He delivers such elegance and flair that has made me sigh several times with every episode. He's a dexterous, witty, unbereable, arrogant but yet absolutely charming detective. A consulting one.

Besides Cumberbatch, we have Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, who is excellent too, but I kept seeing Tim from The Office now and then. Don't get me wrong, his Watson is adorable, but doesn't stand out as much as Cumberbatch (have I mentioned I became very interested in this lovely chap?).

I obviously came back to the book. I've never payed too much attention (any, actually) to Sherlock Holmes until Guy Ritchie's movie appeared in 2010. That was when I bought the one book of SH I have, but never really finished it because I failed to go on reading. I would get bored. Now that I've a clear picture of Holmes and his gesture, it's easier for me to imagine what I'm reading. Robert Downey's Holmes didn't help me with that.

And more good news is that, as I got inevitably obsessed with Cumberbatch, in order to catch up with his stunning acting career, I watched A LOT of TV films in a matter of days, which is always a positive thing (though my eyes beg to differ).

In England the series was a instant smashing success only with the airing of the first episode. Cumberbatch became so popular overnight that his flamboyant last name is a verb now, and the coat Holmes wears on screen, among the rest of his sharp wardrobe, is a national affair, equally for men and women.

Anyway, if you are eager to see something entertaining, genius and crafted with excellence, you should watch "Sherlock" as well. And you'll have to watch the 3 episodes again. That's for sure.

More details on writers and complete cast, on this link.

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  1. Vix estoy de acuerdo, vi la serie, los tres episodios a mitad de año. Los tengo guardados, disfruté mucho. me gustó la adaptación al siglo XXI y él está perfecto.

  2. I must say ??? Brilliant!!! Awseome english!! Well, I'm a bit drunk now, I must say, so...good night!!! see u!!

  3. Cris: qué bueno que ya lo viste! no me comentaste nada... la otra buena noticia es que ya esta anunciada una segunda temporada de Sherlock! como para octubre de este año.

    Lulú: te sentis bien, nena?

    disculpenla, no sabe lo que hace...

  4. Me chivaron que había un llamado a la solidaridad, pero debió ser raptado.

    Preguntaré a Sherlock.

  5. todo bien con el texto, me vendiste bien el producto, pero por qué en inglés? yo posiblemente lo compre porque hablamos el mismo idioma, pero y el resto de los argentinos? mm..