martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Movie #1: let’s go back to the kitchen and be merry

I decided to commit myself to a nice and cultural challenge for the beginning of 2013. I'm gonna watch a movie everyday during January. I'll be watching all kinds of films, trashy, indie, boring, funny, drama, commedies, blockbusters, oldies, classics, some I already saw and some new. And then, come back here to tell you about it, on a daily basis (hopefully). Not that I will write smart things or what I'll say will be worth reading but at least I will enjoy it. Will I be able to accomplish it? Who knows. Maybe, some of the days, I could watch more than one, to compensate for those days in which summer takes over and 44º is too much to even turn on the computer. WARNING: I might be handing over some spoilers but you'll be alerted in advance. And no, I won't be posting in English the whole thing. I guess it's just this first time.

Well, here it is. My first movie for the challenge, which, I must confess, I’m really starting on the 30th of December, because I have just finished watching a movie and I felt so very inspired to write about it. It’s a movie I dared to give another chance. The first time I saw it, I practically hated it. I couldn’t stand most of it. And this time it was different. Maybe because I wanted to see it, being aware of the details I would not particularly like. I’m talking about “Julie & Julia”. I saw it for the first time at the cinema in 2009 and it wasn't pretty (I should probably look for my post about it, I kind of trashed it!). 

This time was different, and I’m gonna tell you why. First of all, I was in a Parisian kind of mood, had been listening to French music all day long on a jazz radio, which at a moment played a song from Julie & Julia’s soundtrack and suddenly it all started coming back. The setting, the characters, the story, Julia’s annoying high-pitched voice… erm, well, everything, as I said, and I felt the urge to watch it again, now with new “eyes”. And I did. After a few hours of scrapbooking, I decided it was time to sit on the living’s couch and watch it, with a cup of horrible microwaved coffee and a couple of chocolate wafers. 

Before playing it, I remembered it was a long movie. It's 2 hours, with people eating and talking at the same time, making disgusting noises and looking nothing but delicate with food. In spite of all that, I truly enjoyed it this time. I even laughed several times. I loved Paris (in every single season), the clothes Julia wears, the awful apartment in which Julie lives. I, nonetheless, still hated Chris Messina. I just can’t stand him. He’s ugly. He’s not the one to play Eric. He’s not part of the cute picture the two women recreate. I know, I’m being terribly unfair, but, heck, I don’t like him at all. I was able to bear with the noises they made when chewing and with Julia’s irritating voice. I made an effort, mind you. And I should say this time it didn’t feel that long when it ended. I wanted more, and I wanted to read her book, and Julie’s book, for sure. I wanted to see her real faces. And of course, the movie inspired me to come quickly to the computer and start writing this post. Which I will probably have to translate to Spanish, because no one likes it when I post in English (when I enjoyed a lot, ha). 

So, that was my chapter one on the “a movie a day during January” challenge. A movie I actually watched… in December. Sorry for my lack of commitment and tidiness from the very beginning. Anxiousness grabbed me by the shoulder and I wanted to take advantage of this sudden urge to write and share immediately with you all what I thought about it , as this challenge is intended to be a journal. Just like Julie did. 

I won’t be a writer, though. There, I said it. 

PS: the music is delicious, no question about it. 
PS: by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. I don´t really remember a lot about this movie.
    I remember I liked most of it, except for the end.
    Maybe you could start writing your posts in English and Spanish. After all, English seems to come natural to you. =) Bilingual Vix!!
    Happy new year!

  2. Gracias a esa peli nació plato del día, la adoro, las adoro, pero bueno adoro cocinar, comer y hacer ruidos mientras :)
    Cuál es la próxima?

  3. esta peli es deliciosa por donde se la mire!!


  4. Great idea, I'm looking forward to the next movie critic.

  5. I do like it when you write in English! :)

    1. aw, thank you! you must be the only one :P

  6. Vix hace mucho que no veo pelis así que voy a ver Julie &Julia que promete!!!1 :)