miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Coping with bank's queues (and all of them).

Today I had to go to the bank and, for a change, I decided to not grumble. I also decided to be prepared (in more than one way) for the worst. How bad could be waiting some minutes in a warm building, apart from getting a bit tired or bored? Nothing, really. Besides I had nothing else to do. So there I went.

I took a book with me and my useful mp3 player (well, yes, I'm not an iPod girl yet, can't afford every luxury) plus a good smile that I was able to buy in a great sale a few days before. I left home with minimun expectations, I was even prepared to finish the novel standing there. With those things in mind I would avoid getting bad tempered or snorting in discomfort.

As soon as I got in, I realized that Murphy is always damn right. It was full of people who, just like me, thought: "yeah, at noon nobody goes to the bank, they are all cooking or eating at home". Wrong, Vix. Wrong.

Fortunately, it took me only twenty-five minutes to get the thing done and leave, but in the meantime I read two chapters of my book, reeeeally focused on that, listened to Regina Spektor with great joy, and then, observed the rest of the queuers. Before me there was a three years' old blonde who incessantly begged her dad: "'aaaamo a caaasa, 'aaaamo a caaasa", almost in tears at the end. And as I waited for my turn I payed attention to some pictures of the bank displayed IN the bank, taken by a local photographer who, apparently, is better than I believe.

Once I was out of the bank, I breathed in deeply, the sun shone at me and I crossed the street to come back home.

Bottom line? I should do this every time I have to go to any place that requires waiting. It's easier, it's lighter and I still can stick to what that Roman guy, Horacio, suggested: "seize the day".

6 comentarios:

  1. "taken by a local photographer who, apparently, is better than I believe."

    y con eso solo me hizo sonreír y pensar "fiuuu, no soy la única que lo cree" :)

  2. Yes, I do agree: My tailor is rich too :P

    A secret message, perhaps?

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